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    First of all, thank the long-tern care and support from all friends from various circles. Huangshan electric appliance is specialized in power semiconductor products, development and production, and has a number of patented technologies in this area.
    Since the establishment of the company, we always adhere the idea of scientific and technological innovation, and implement the brand development strategy. Through two decades of development, Huangshan Electric Appliance has become a largest manufacturer of power semiconductor chip in China.
    Huangshan Electric Appliance follows ¡°Establishing national ambition, creating word famous brand¡±, be in good faith, professional, and efficient operation, and achieves a win-win situation with all partners. Also forward to market-oriented entities, instantiation, and international, in order to search a market in the developing, and develops in the market. We look forward to frank cooperation with new and old friends all circles at home and abroad in wider areas, and make sincere cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, so that to create value for society and to share the joy of success.
    Here, let me express heartfelt thanks to all the partners and all walks of life that provide us with support and assistance on behalf of all staff of Huangshan Electric Appliance. Finally, we believe in that through the unremitting efforts of all the staff, Huangshan electric appliance will make better, more rapid and greater development to give back to the societies and the users.
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